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Introducing: 12 Humans

Posted by The Logical Indian on Sunday, December 20, 2015

12 Humans is a non-profit initiative by The Logical Indian to recognize & celebrate the selfless efforts by ordinary individuals around us.


All the remunerations collected by the sale of calendars will be handed over to these 12 heroes featured in this year’s calendar.

Kalki Subramaniam

Tamil Nadu

India’s first transgender entrepreneur, journalist, filmmaker and social activist is an inspiration to all and pride to the nation.

“Be courageous, be with hope, don’t fear, and don’t rush.”

January 2016




The ordinary shopkeeper has been feeding 300 hungry people for more than 3 years, without missing a single day! Yes, there was a heartbreaking and life-changing moment that made him to feed the hungry.

“No one knows hunger better than me.”

February 2016

Armstrong Pame


The government didn’t keep its promise and it didn’t stop this IAS officer from building a 100 km road to a remote village on his own.

“Background doesn’t matter to live and achieve our dreams.”

March 2016

Anand Mishra

Uttar Pradesh

Oh my innocent childhood! The young age at which most of us don’t even realise what’s happening around us, this 11-year-old is working towards educating all.

“We can solve a majority of our problems if children are educated.”

April 2016




Feeding and distributing free medicines to cancer patients since the last 27 years.
“I appeal to more people to come forward and help making the lives of cancer patients a tad better.”

May 2016

Ramila Gandhi


Left home at 20 and joined Vinoba Bhave for the ‘Land Gift Movement’.
Walked all around India for 10 years promoting self-reliance and collect land from the rich for the poor farmers.

What made Ramila Gandhi to leave her family at 20? Find out all these selfless stories in 12 Humans Calendar, 2016.

June 2016


Uttar Pradesh

The snack seller cleans the entire Greater Noida court campus every morning. He neither gets paid for it nor he is bound to clean the place but he does it for a reason.

July 2016

C Sekar

Tamil Nadu

Humanity’ isn’t just about humans! Camera technician feeds thousands of parakeets every day.

“When I see the birds flying joyously, my eyes well up.”

August 2016




Instead of taking up a corporate job, this graduate in rural studies and post-graduate in social service adopted a tribal village.
“Brother, please come visit our village.”
Find out his reason for adopting the tribal village in 12 Humans 2016 calendar.

September 2016




Born and brought up in the US, holds a graduate degree in psychology and political science and a postgraduate degree in gender studies. Served in the US army, finally settled in Mumbai and is fighting to uplift sex workers children, the community that our society prefers to avoid even in conversations.

October 2016




The IT professional has a rare obsession of picking up nails from the road he travels. Fighting the nail mafia, he has collected over 17 kgs of nails in the past two years and saved many lives. Few call him crazy and few others are stunned at his self less service.

“My road, my responsibility”

November 2016




Educating for a change, this young girl takes care of 100 slum kids.Two-life changing experiences made her choose social service at a young age.

“Be crazy and you’ll remain sane; be sane and you’ll surely go crazy.”

December 2016


12Humans is the annual calendar of The Logical Indian which features stories of 12 ordinary people, selflessly contributing towards society/environment/wildlife within their own limits. 12Humans is a non-profit initiative to recognize and celebrate the real life heroes.


12Humans is a non-profit initiative. The total amount raised will be utilized by these 12 featured humans to extend their community service in a more effective manner. We will keep you updated throughout the process!

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