1.3 Billion

That’s how many people live in our country today. That’s roughly one-sixth of the world’s total population. That’s so many people that one cannot meet all of them in a lifetime, even if one were to try. But this sea of human beings is not without its share of pearls. There are people who are contributing selflessly for the betterment of the society and the environment, but their efforts have remained largely unnoticed, and their identities, fairly anonymous.


12 Humans is an initiative by The Logical Indian to help our society recognise these real-life heroes that live among us, so that our people finally get the sources of inspiration they really need. Starting this year, 12 Humans will feature 12 stories of ordinary humans rendering their extraordinary effort towards humanity & environment. The 12 Humans annual calendar gives all of us an opportunity to convey our regards & gratitude to the heroic souls who are selflessly working for our betterment.


Let’s celebrate them!