What is 12 Humans?

12Humans is the annual calendar of The Logical Indian which features stories of 12 ordinary people, selflessly contributing towards society/environment/wildlife within their own limits. 12Humans is a non-profit initiative to recognise and celebrate the real life heroes.


The calendar will be available for sale in 3 formats:
Hard Copies-

(i) Desk Calendar  (ii) Wall Calendar

Soft Copies-

(iii) Digital Calendar (Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers)


Each leaf of the calendar will comprise of 3 elements –

(i) Photograph (ii) Story (iii) Dates

Why 12Humans?

With 12Humans, our intention is to offer recognition to the individuals & highlight the selfless efforts laid by them. We often notice that only people & places of importance are featured on posters and calendars.


In other words, getting featured on an annual date calendar certainly gives a sense of recognition to the featured personalities. We believe that those who selflessly serve the society, are the real heroes! We believe that these amazingly inspiring stories will keep you motivated all throughout the year.

How Can I Get The 2016 12Humans Calendar?

The calendar will be up for pre-order on www.12humans.org from 1st Dec 2015 at a price of (aapx.) INR 301 per calendar.

What will The Logical Indian Do With The Revenue Earned By The Sale Of The Calendars?

12Humans is a non-profit initiative. The total amount collected by the sale of the calendars will be equally distributed among the 12 featured personalities as a donation to fuel their good work.

Why Do I Purchase a Wall/Desk Calendar in This Age Of Technology?

We absolutely agree that there’s hardly any use of physical wall or desk calendars in this technologically advanced age. But this our small effort to recognise those set of people who are selflessly contributing to the society & ecology to the best of their ability.


We believe that flaunting/promoting this calendar gives all of us an opportunity to appreciate & recognise their selfless efforts, which are unnoticed.

Can I gift 12Humans To Someone?

Absolutely! 12Humans can be a fresh Christmas & New Year gift for your friends, family, employees & colleagues as a (token) of inspiration.

For any other queries, kindly write to us at [email protected]